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MoreMe AI Skin Analyser

$7,480.00 | $6,800.00 Excl. GST

The MoreMe AI skin analyser is a diagnostic imaging device that allows visual inspection of the underlying layers, structures, and patterns of the skin for a superior consultation. It uses 10 observation modes to enable precise facial skin diagnosis for effective treatment planning.

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MoreMe AI Skin Analyser



  • Increase treatment bookings and product sales
  • Maximise client retention with visual displays of treatment progress
  • Stand out from competitors with superior follow-ups and evaluations
  • Support your treatment advice with credible product recommendations
  • Improve client communication and conversion
  • Greater clinical accuracy and results you can show your client
  • Easily track results
  • Early detection of skin damage and conditions
  • Address and prevent skin problems
  • Identify risk factors for skin issues
  • Reveal your true skin age
  • Easy-to-use and accurate diagnostic imaging technology
  • Cloud-enabled database of skin images with unlimited storage

*Note: iPad not included.

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