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MoreMe Skin Analyser Spectrums

Perform detailed professional skin analyses at both epidermal and dermal layers to diagnose any underlying conditions and create a customised solution for every skin type and concern.

Take Compelling Before And After Photos

Before and After treatment photos provide the most compelling evidence of typical outcomes your treatments can achieve and should form an integral part of your business marketing.

The MoreMe helps clinicians take consistent and standardised Before and After photos that showcase the results their clients can expect. Clients are more likely to take the plunge when they are shown visuals that create a connection with them and emphasise the customer journey.

Image credit: Thistle & Rose (after 1 session of Xen LED and DPL Protégé)
Image credit: Thistle & Rose (results after 11 sessions of Xen LED)

NEW!!! MoreMe Gen 2 with upgraded 4K HD CMOS camera for higher impact visuals

MoreMe Gen 2
The latest generation MoreMe has upgraded features and uses an inbuilt medical grade 4K HD CMOS camera for higher impact visuals. Images captured on the Gen II show a much higher level of detail and a crisper appearance.
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MoreMe AI

Skin Consultations Made Easy

MoreMe AI uses the principle of skin fluorescence and exclusive patented technology to stimulate skin fluorescence by irradiating low-dose ultraviolet light on the skin. Its patented technology has the same intensity of ultraviolet light as trace natural sunlight, and less than one third of the intensity of traditional photographic light, which is completely harmless to the skin. You will find that the MoreMe AI presents skin condition with strong clarity and contrast.

Improve client communication and conversion

The visual impact of the MoreMe AI skin analysis will help your clinicians sell skin rejuvenation treatments and products much more effectively. The reports are easy to understand and a great tool for client education and treatment planning. Our advanced software is able to determine the client’s overall skin condition and age, providing key metrics to guide the client journey. The consultation process is streamlined, and progress is easily measured between treatments.

Moreme AI
MoreMe Skin Analysis Conditions

MoreMe AI Detect:

MoreMe AI detects and measures seven common surface and subsurface skin conditions through AI image recognition. It produces a complete set of data for skin assessment and analysis with over 360 treatment recommendations.

Analysis of 7 Common Skin Problems

“Since upgrading from a basic LED skin scanner, our skin consultations have been taken to the next level. We always warn everyone that when they view their skin in the MoreMe analyser, that all their “skin sins” will be revealed, and not to panic too much because we have solutions for them to remedy their sins! We find that with the 10 different images that come up, we can give our clients a visual as to why they need each ingredient. It seems to resonate more and we find our clients more compliant with their skin care topicals, internals and in clinic treatments. It also helps us to gauge progress of their journey, especially when it comes to capillary networks. Our clinic is so happy to have our little skin sensation tell-all machine nestled into our consulting space, which also happens to match our clean aesthetics as a bonus.”

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Analysis of common skin problems

Aadvantages of Moreme AI
MoreMe Skin Analyser Banner
Recommended iPad models for the Gen 1 MoreMe (not required for Gen 2)


9.7 Inch  

10.2 Inch  

11 Inch

12.9 Inch


iPad (5th & 6th Gen)

iPad (7th, 8th & 9th Gen)

iPad Pro 11-inch (1st Gen)

iPad Pro 12.9-inch (3rd Gen)

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