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Benefits of the Xen LED include

xen led red light therapy

LED is a well-recognised cosmetic and medical treatment that delivers a dosage of specific narrowband light to targeted areas of the skin, stimulating the naturally occurring regeneration and repair processes. This non-invasive treatment is a gentle and natural approach to delivering skin treatments much like the process of photosynthesis.

The release of the Aesthetic Bureau’s Chip-On-Board (COB) Xen LED delivers an innovation in LED design, allowing for a much higher packing density than earlier technologies; with COB technology, we are able to use 38 times more LEDs than T-Pack technologies. The higher efficiency results in optimised performance in an LED array by increasing light intensity and reducing array heat allowing for faster, full-dosage treatments.

Within the dermis the light energy is used to increase cellular Adenosine Triphosphate production and reduce Reactive Oxygen Species, strengthening cells and reducing inflammation. So, LED can be used as a standalone treatment or as an add-on to existing treatments, providing enhanced outcomes with faster recovery times.

One of the best reasons for investing in a LED device is its capability to expand treatments in clinics; allowing clinicians to cross-sell treatments and increase consumer capacity by offering a variety of accepted and superficial treatments. By offering expanded treatment options you are able to increase your market reach and turnover.

The beauty of LED treatments is the vast array of appropriate patients: everyone. With no downtime, no ‘out of bounds’ skin tones and no pain, LED treatments are widely accepted by all clients. An easy add-on to popular treatments like peels, cosmetic injections and laser, LED treatments are known to help healing times and improve post treatment results.

RED & Near Infra-Red (NIR) rejuvenation, regeneration, calming and toning

Red and NIR light have the ability to pass deeper into the skin than any other visible colours. This surge of natural energy helps reduce inflammation and enhances wound repair. Red and NIR light results in a natural skin rejuvenation, regeneration, calming and toning and hair regrowth. These colours are best known for strengthening of collagen in the skin and is a highly sought-after treatment for improving the skins appearance and structure.

BLUE anti-bacterial

The Blue spectrum of light has a relatively low penetration into tissue due to its shorter wavelength. Various studies have shown that blue light achieves consistent results in significantly reducing acne lesions.

As Blue light reacts with bacteria through the use of biological process of programmed cell death, the Blue LED’s are ideally positioned to provide a purifying anti-bacterial effect on the surface of the skin, eradicating the bacteria that causes inflammation during breakouts.

With such diverse treatment results, there is no surprise why LED technology has become a staple in clinics. The ability to treat such a variety of concerns with one device is a key selling point for clinics with a high demand and traffic.

How will LED help my clinic?

LED therapy increases cellular energy production and reduces inflammation to improve redness, incite healing responses, skin rejuvenation and actively destroy surface bacteria that can contribute to acne. There are different intensity and wavelength options to these non-ablative light therapies that target varying concerns.

What you don’t need in your practice is sub-standard technology that delivers low or unstable output powers, and a broad spectrum of light.

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Xen LED from Aesthetic Bureau is a top-of-the-line facial rejuvenation system that delivers excellent results. The versatile modality complements my treatment portfolio and has been highly beneficial to my practice for advanced tissue healing, reduced recovery times, and improved treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction. Both my patients and therapists have enjoyed fantastic results from using the Xen LED.



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