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The Aesthetic Bureau is the latest evolution in supply and support partners in the Australian aesthetic market. This restructure aims to better support aesthetic practices by developing, manufacturing and distributing cosmetic technologies, service and clinic supplies. Previously known as Australian Aesthetic Devices, The Aesthetic Bureau is proud to continue its commitment in locally sourced aesthetic innovation.

The passionate team at The Aesthetic Bureau aim to use their strengths and over 30 years’ experience to provide their customers with an extended range of quality solutions and support, designed specifically for the Australian market and its changing needs. Business partners Trevor Neale and Tony Li created The Aesthetic Bureau to manufacture and develop wholesale aesthetic devices for the needs of Australian clinics. Understanding the local Australian market and providing cost-effective devices is what aligns the Aesthetic Bureau with industry professionals locally to provide exceptional quality you can rely on.

Specialising in Laser, IPL, LED and Radiofrequency technology, Trevor and Tony understand the need for more reliable and efficient non-invasive technology, for the growing demand for uncomplicated treatment solutions.

ISO Logo

Aesthetic Bureau are proud to announce that we have received certification of the latest standards of ISO 13485:2016 through accreditation with British Standards Institution (BSI).

This indicates we have met all requirements for a comprehensive Quality Management System for the design and manufacture of medical devices for regulatory purposes.

As part of our accreditation, we are required to undergo stringent auditing every 12 months to ensure we continue to meet the highest quality standards recognised worldwide for medical device manufacturing.

“This ISO 13485:2016 certification represents an important milestone for our company,” Trevor Neale, director of Aesthetic Bureau, said. “It demonstrates quality assurance of our products and processes, and is evidence of our commitment to the performance and reliability of our medical devices.”

Trevor Neale

Trevor is a well-recognised thought-leader, educator and engineer within the local aesthetic industry. Before refocusing his skills into aesthetic devices in 1993, Trevor was a senior lecturer at the RAAF Technical School of Radio. Trevor has written and delivered the Laser and IPL component of the Bachelor of Health Science Dermal Therapy degree at Victoria University, and is a regular presenter at Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery Society conferences on Laser, IPL and Radiofrequency.

With over 30 years’ experience as a technical support engineer and over 20 years’ experience in clinical training for various manufacturers, Trevor’s practical understanding of devices allows him to drive the development of superior technologies to produce devices of the highest quality.


Tony Li

Tony has extensive experience as an international sales manager and is now associated with Aesthetic Bureau, a TGA certified manufacturer of IPL and LED medical devices in Australia. His experience has given him deep insights into the manufacturing process and well-established component suppliers, allowing Tony and The Aesthetic Bureau to produce best-in-class products of superior quality. His profound experience has also allowed The Aesthetic Bureau to fully customise these technologies to best suit the needs of the Australian market.


“We decided to offer third party technical support to systems, allowing our clients to repair, maintain and refurbish their devices at a competitive rate, as well as provide quality consumables to clinics that help business owners minimise costs. And of course, our main line of business, developing aesthetic devices for our market. Our aim is to try and reduce stresses for clinic owners and get them to focus on what they do best – provide excellent service to their clients.”

– Trevor Neale, Director

“We started with Australian Aesthetic Devices because we wanted to design and distribute our own technology to clinics. When we went down this route, we discovered that we were constantly being asked “Can we help fixing their other machines?”, “Can we refurbish other system handpieces?” as well as “Do you sell bedsheets?”. As these clinics were not being supported, we felt moved to assist with a solution, so we have set up to provide support for clinics from other pathways. That’s how The Aesthetic Bureau started.”

– Tony Li, Director

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