With over 30 years’ experience, we aim to support aesthetic practices by developing, manufacturing and distributing cosmetic technologies, service and clinic supplies. Specialising in Laser, IPL, LED and Cryo technology, Trevor and Tony understand the need for more reliable and efficient non-invasive technology, for the growing demand for uncomplicated treatment solutions. The big difference to The Aesthetic Bureau is the introduction of clinical salon and aesthetic supplies, available to best equip practitioners with everything needed for a successful and productive business. In addition to providing quality products and equipment for aesthetic businesses, we have established a well-structured servicing department that helps reduce operational stress by providing an exceptional aesthetic device repair, refurbishing and servicing network


To place an order for a new or pre-owned device we will need to receive a copy of an authorised “Terms of sale and agreement” which is located within the quotation provided by a representative of Australian Aesthetic Devices Pty Ltd trading as The Aesthetic Bureau. This document will be used by The Aesthetic Bureau as both an agreement between the purchaser and The Aesthetic Bureau to deliver the requested product within the specified time at the agreed upon price. The authorisation and return of this document will represent a legally bound order-placement document or “Purchase Order” for procuring products or services from The Aesthetic Bureau as well as the Purchasers indication of review and understanding of the Terms and Conditions of Sale of products. Additionally a non-refundable deposit can be made via The Aesthetic Bureau website www.aestheticbureau.com.au under “Shop” tab and “Device Deposit”. PLEASE NOTE: Where we are required to commit to a purchase a high value product which we do not normally stock we may ask for a 20% non-refundable deposit or in some cases ask for full payment before we order item for customer. Depending on finance options Full payment may be required prior to delivery.
Supplies can be ordered and paid for directly within our secure “Shop” within The Aesthetic Bureau website www.aestheticbureau.com.au
Yes, while we have a variety of finance partners we work with from new business to established clinics, we also are able to work with any available financier in Australia if you already have previous relations with banks or credit unions.
Yes, we offer short term trials (subject to equipment availability), as well as long term rentals and leasing on all of our systems.
Yes. We are affiliated with a marketing company who can help your clinic launch your new aesthetic device.
Legislation for Laser use varies from state to state. With many years’ experience with aesthetic devices, the team at the Aesthetic Bureau can guide you around any types of licencing you may need.

What are The Aesthetic Bureau’s Terms and conditions of sale?


Please email us at info@aestheticbureau.com.au or call directly on 1300 858 711
Yes, we work with a variety of organisations as well as conducting internal training for all of our clients to ensure the best training practices.
We strongly believe that it is essential that all operators should be fully trained in the correct operation and safety of the technology they are using. Training is tailored to each system we supply and the experience of the operators attending. Our training is designed to provide the operator with sufficient skills, knowledge and experience to confidently operate & handle our systems with a primary focus on safety and secondarily on efficacy and efficiency. A full agenda as well as venue details and support documentation will be provided prior to system installation.


The devices at The Aesthetic Bureau are proudly Australian designed and supported.

The Aesthetic Bureau is the only TGA-listed Australian manufacturer of medical IPL and LED systems: Refer to www.ebs.tga.gov.au for more information. Select “Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods” and then search for 343315 or 343316 and review Public ARTG Summary for full manufacturer address.

Yes. By designing our devices locally, we can ensure all devices are compliant. The Aesthetic Bureau additionally carries out full Quality Assurance (QA) testing within one of its authorised service facilities prior to release and installation of device.
Please contact a representative of The Aesthetic Bureau directly. To assist us in delivering the best possible recommendations for client care and resolution as well as enhancing our ability to review the possible causes of the adverse event please complete the following document as thoroughly as possible. Please include photos of area treated. Please note however, where there is a risk of serious injury to the client, Australian Aesthetic Devices Pty Ltd trading as The Aesthetic Bureau is obliged as a sponsor to report the issue to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for reporting purposes only.


No, to ensure ordering is as easy as possible, we have no minimum order requirements. Please be aware, most products come in packs of multiples.
On our website ( www.aestheticbureau.com.au ), under the ‘Shop’ tab and select “Patient Brochures”


Please email us at info@aestheticbureau.com.au or call directly on 1300 858 711
Where there is a requirement for an item to be shipped to one of the Aesthetic Bureau’s service venues, the following recommendations are made. Please note that The Aesthetic Bureau does not take any responsibility for loss or damage resulting from product shipping. Normal warranty terms apply (if applicable).

What are The Aesthetic Bureau’s Terms and conditions of service?

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