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Benefits of the Total Xen LED

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About RED & Near Infra-Red (NIR) - regeneration, repair, recovery and restoration

Photobiomodulation or low-level laser light therapy is best described by using LED or lasers to improve recovery and accelerate wound healing, representing an innovative approach for treating injury to biological tissue.

RED & NIR light emitting diode helps to improve cellular function that assists the body in its natural healing and recovery process. The red and NIR LED’s used, are within the optical window in biological tissue, selectively allowing them to pass deeply into the skin stimulating the naturally occurring regeneration repair, recovery and restoration processes.

Not only do you feel soothed and restored, you have less soreness and faster recovery after exercise. Red and NIR is known for its ability to strengthen collagen in the skin, making it a well-known and sought-after treatment for improving the appearance and texture of the epidermis. Anecdotal reports also include: better sleep, reduced stress and depression.

With such diverse treatment results, there is no surprise why LED technology has become a staple in clinics. The ability to treat such a variety of concerns with one device is a key selling point for clinics with a high demand and traffic.

How will the Total Xen LED help my clinic?

The Total Xen booth takes LED Photobiomodulation and your clinic to the next level, extending your treatment menu to include full body rejuvenation and wellness. With the ability to treat the face and body simultaneously, the booth provides easy to access treatments for clients in addition to impressive treatment times, ranging from 8-15 minutes. The benefits of short treatment times are simple, an ability to increase and drive additional clients and treatments. The downtime of the machine itself is virtually non-existent, allowing for back to back treatments for any successful clinic. No downtime and no consumables are a considerable benefit to any device in a clinic allowing for more consistent traffic. Remaining mindful of size restrictions within clinics, the simultaneous stand-up and lay-down format allows you to accommodate the device to suit your clinic’s needs.

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Total Xen LED

Megan Marx testimonial

“I love using the LED bed, as I travel so frequently I feel it recharges and rejuvenates my body after flying. The skin on my body has never felt so smooth, I love knowing I am getting collagen production from head to toe in just a 15 minute treatment”
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