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MoreMe AI Gen 2 Pro Skin Analyser (new updated version)

$13,200.00 | $12,000.00 Excl. GST

The MoreMe AI skin analyser is a diagnostic imaging device that allows visual inspection of the underlying layers, structures, and patterns of the skin for a superior consultation. It uses 11 observation modes to enable precise facial skin diagnosis for effective treatment planning.

MoreMe’s cloud access provides users with the full extended functionality of the MoreMe software including symptoms images (AI functionality), access to backend reporting and unlimited cloud storage.

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Click here for the original MoreMe Gen 1


Purchase comes with comprehensive advanced skin consultation training with Gay Wardle (delivered via Zoom).


With new inbuilt medical grade 4K HD camera and CMOS detector for high impact visuals.

Our full face diagnostic imaging system just received an upgrade –

The new MoreMe Gen 2 skin imaging system has upgraded features to enhance your patient consultations and deliver more meaningful skin evaluations.

Transform your practice with powerful visual communication tools and maximise these benefits:

  • Increase treatment bookings and product sales
  • Maximise client retention with visual displays of treatment progress
  • Stand out from competitors with superior follow-ups and evaluations
  • Support your treatment advice with credible product recommendations
  • Improve client communication and conversion
  • Greater clinical accuracy and results you can show your client
  • Easily track results
  • Early detection of skin damage and conditions
  • Address and prevent skin problems
  • Identify risk factors for skin issues
  • Reveal your true skin age
  • Easy-to-use and accurate diagnostic imaging technology
  • Cloud-enabled database of skin images with unlimited storage


Keeping all the features of the original, such as:

  • 5 light spectrum imaging modes and 11 different skin analysis modes
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • 3 comparison modes assisting with before and after
  • AI diagnosis of multiple skin health concerns
  • Database accessible by multiple iPads/tablets at any one time

What’s new?

  • Inbuilt medical grade 4K high definition camera with CMOS detector produces larger images with enhanced 3840 X 2169 resolution
  • Extended compatibility: Use with ANY iOS or Android devices
  • WiFi connectivity enables consultations from anywhere in the clinic
  • Integrated high performance image processor
  • Smaller footprint for easier placement and storage
Training Inclusions

Includes training with Gay Wardle, Excludes skin consultation training

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