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Fibrella Facial Wipes

$7.80 | $7.09 Excl. GST

• Gentle and soft, silk-like non-woven wipes
• Contains dirt trapping fibres that gently clean the skin
• Pack of 100 wipes per box.

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Aesthetic Bureau Fibrella Wipes are strong and absorbent disposable fibrella cloths for cleansing and removing product during facial treatments.

Made from premium, non-woven fabric, our fibrella wipes showcase unmatched absorbency and impressive strength even when wet.

Ideal for purifying the face, hands, and body, our wipes are formulated to be extraordinarily soft and highly effective, allowing for maximum efficiency with minimal usage.


  • High-Quality, Generous Size: Each wipe is large enough to handle any cleansing task, reducing the need for multiple wipes.
  • Durable: Tough enough to offer durability without compromising on softness.
  • Safe for All Skin Types: Hypoallergenic, safe for infants, sensitive skin, and all clients in between.
  • Chemical and Fragrance-Free: Prioritising your health and well-being, our wipes are free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances.
  • Versatile Application: Perfect for skin cleansing routines in medical aesthetics and beauty salons, as well as for general cleaning tasks in professional environments.


  • Beauty Salons: For makeup removal, pre-treatment cleansing, and refreshing clients’ skin.
  • Medical Aesthetic Clinics: Ideal for pre and post-procedure cleaning.
  • Sensitive Skin Care: Gentle enough for babies, sensitive skin, and everyday use.
  • Hospitals and Aged Care: Suitable for hospitals and aged care cleaning and bathing.
  • General Cleaning
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