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Hot and Cold Pack – Reusable, Eye Mask

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Relieves pain and swelling of minor injuries, bruises, cuts, muscle aches and strains plus sprains and headaches.

Use hot to relax muscles and reduce pain, use cold to help reduce swelling and inflammation.

This is reusable, freezable and microwaveable.

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Large Hot and Cold Pack – Reusable, 10 x 22cm

For cold use – Store the pack in deep freezer for minimum one hour before use.
For emergency purposes always keep a pack in deep freezer.

For hot use – Place the pack in microwave and heat for 20 seconds.
Increase heating time in 3 second intervals to reach the desired temperature.

Keep away from extreme and direct heat.
Store in a dry place.
Wrap the product with a cloth or thin towel before application to bare skin.
Do not puncture outer bag.

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