Red Light Therapy for Anti-Aging


Red Light Therapy for Anti-Aging

The most consistent goal of the cosmetics industry and its consumers is pretty obvious: anti-aging.

What if the answer isn’t the latest skin cream or serum, but it’s the latest in light technology?

Let us be clear, we aren’t talking about harmful UV tanning beds or lying out in the sun for hours.

Red light therapy is a new and innovative way forward when it comes to reversing the signs of aging and preventing the visible signs of cellular degeneration. This is the main reason why we get such curiosity surrounding this form of treatment, with various specialists recommending it for their concerned patients. This includes dermatologists, plastic surgeons and even dentists, utilising the never-ending list of benefits that comes with red light therapy. This regeneration encourages diminished scarring and younger-looking skin.

This works by delivering concentrated, yet safe, wavelengths of natural light into the skin’s surface where it is absorbed by your cells. This stimulates the production of elastin, fibroblasts and collagen; the key ingredients for younger-looking skin and the same molecules that decay as we age. The source of energy in every cell is made up of ATP, which is the energy produced from natural light. With the production of ATP comes increased circulation and more effective oxygenation to deprived cells.

Cells are rejuvenated, prompting tissue repair and immune responses. The therapy has also been strongly linked to the arthritis pain relief by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress. Another study found benefits in treating Achilles tendinitis, a common injury to the foot, in its promotion of quicker healing time, mirrored in its use for post-workout inflammation and wounds.

However, this isn’t ordinary red light, with the optimal levels provided by two specific wavelengths to provide the best results. Our company uses red light therapy in amounts of 630 and 660 nanometres and near-infrared in amounts of 860 nanometres, rather than other forms of light to target specifically the effects of anti-aging and hair removal. We feel strongly about utilising the latest technology to deliver patients the results they’re looking for most painlessly and cost-effectively possible.

You may be wondering, what are the risks that come with it? This sounds too good to be true.

Well, there aren’t any.

Dermatologists researching the possible skin damage that can result from this form of light have found that you could be exposed for large portions of the day and still not see any skin damage on any minute level. Dr Michael Hamblin, a respected name in the field of red light technology says it’s “almost impossible to cause any harm.” There have been hundreds of studies undertaken that support this fact, with further studies now finding all the time more benefits to the body from red light therapy.

Red light therapy is a much safer alternative than invasive procedures such as injections, surgeries or chemical peels, while also being able to see all of the benefits. Some may mistake red light therapy for laser treatment, however, is not at all associated with the same sensitivity that some using lasers may experience. Lasers and pulsed light therapies damage the skin for later healing and regeneration. Red light therapy is different in its directly applying the regenerating red light to stimulate cellular healing, avoiding damage altogether.

You can expect a reduction in the common cause of aging found from UV rays, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, correct discolouration and hyperpigmentation and also enhance collagen synthesis and density.

Your complexion over time will be noticeably lifted and smooth, as a result of increasing healthy skin activity on a cellular level.

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