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Dual Light IPL (ex-Demo) – includes 2 handpieces

$26,620.00 | $24,200.00 Excl. GST

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Dual Light IPL (ex-demo*) – includes 2 handpieces

Dual Light IPL offers a range of treatment protocols to drive transformative business results through superior technology. Its state-of-the-art cooling system delivers excellent system temperature control allowing it to run cooler from dawn to dusk without interruption. In addition its advanced inbuilt features enhance patient safety and comfort while reducing system downtime and prolonging the life of its handpieces.


Dual Filters to ensure you have more of the appropriate wavelengths (colours) to optimise treatment results with increased safety for skin rejuvenation treatments. For safety and confidence in use.

Dual mode HR (Hair Removal) & SHR (Swift Hair Removal) for increased treatment speed and client safety, and treatment of darker skin types. For safety and confidence in use.

Dual Lamps with Even Energy Distribution (EED) in the 15AMP system which provides a consistent highly desired top hat output over the full surface of the treatment area. The reduction of stress on the lamps extend the Flash-lamp life dramatically.

Dual Connectors quick and easy access to both treatment handpiece sizes, for overall faster treatment time.

Dual system cooling ensures the dual pulse light system keeps up with the demand of a busy clinic. Little or no device downtime between patients increases profitability.

Fast treatments – ensures maximum number of treatments per hour and highest profitability.

Easy Setup and ease of use delivers optimal results, increased operator confidence and greater patient satisfaction.


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*Please note that these machines were ex-rental devices.


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