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Adjustable Stainless Eye Shields IPL/LASER

$89.00 | $80.91 Excl. GST

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1. The middle beam can be turned upside down without blocking the nose bridge.
2, flexible middle beam, eye mask can be adjusted left and right, can adapt to different pupil distance guests.
3, all stainless steel structure, after the lanyard is removed, the whole can be disinfected. Health and Safety.
4, full band high OD value, high laser damage threshold, 190-14000nm OD7+
5, in line with EU and US standards.
6. Suitable for guest protection in IPL and laser cosmetic medical operations
7.Material: All stainless steel


CE Marked, EN207/208 and AU/NZ Standards


Model: Adjustable stainless steel eye mask
Material: Stainless steel
Lens thickness: 1.2mm
Lens color: Gray
Function: Laser and glare protection
Uses: Eye protection
Frame adjustment: Yes

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