Advantages of Renting Aesthetic Equipment

Having the latest technology and state-of-the-art cosmetic lasers, IPL and LED machines can make the difference between a thriving medispa and one that struggles to break even. But keeping up with technology and the growing advances in lasers and medispa equipment can be costly, especially for startup businesses. Leasing, or renting, your cosmetic lasers can be the answer to managing your budget while still being able to offer your clients the latest technological advances in laser and LED treatments. Here are some examples of how renting your med spa equipment can really benefit your business.

Your Clients Know What They Want

With the internet at their fingertips, your potential clients have done their research. They know the latest technology available and they know what they want. Having outdated IPL, laser and LED equipment puts you at the bottom and chances are you will struggle to get new clientele. People come to you to turn back the clock and they want a treatment that offers the newest and best technology.

Buying med spa equipment locks you into that purchase and with technology advancing every day, chances are you won’t have the capital to purchase new equipment as it becomes available. Buy renting or leasing your IPL, laser and LED equipment, you have the ability to grow with your business, offering new and exciting treatment options to your customers.

You Are Protected from Repair Costs

When you purchase medispa equipment, it is yours. Unfortunately, that means when something goes wrong with the machine, you are responsible for repair costs, as well as regular maintenance. Can you afford to fix the machine should something go wrong? Do you have someone that is able to fix the machine in your area? How much business would you lose while waiting for repairs?

If you choose to rent your medispa equipment, you don’t have to worry about these questions. Your rental company is responsible for all regular equipment maintenance and repair when needed. This reduces any possible expenses and keeps you open to serve your customers.

You Have the Freedom to Try New Treatment Options

Have you had your eye on a new IPL, laser or LED treatment option but don’t know what the demand in your area might be? Taking a risk and buying a new machine may prove costly for your business if it doesn’t take off, leaving you out a large amount of money. Buy choosing to rent a new piece of med spa technology, you are able to test a new treatment option without the big financial risk. If it doesn’t sell to your clientele, you can simply end your lease and not be left with a machine collecting dust.

You Can Expand and Grow Your Business Faster

Medispas around the world offer a wide variety of different treatment options to their clientele and it is nice to be able to offer a variety of different treatments. As you offer more treatment options, you are able to market to more and more potential customers. However, purchasing a variety of IPL, laser and LED machines can be extremely costly, especially for a startup medispa. This can leave you limited to the treatments you can offer.

Leasing your medispa equipment allows you to start with more treatment options, while reducing your upfront costs. You can easily find which treatment options are successful in your location and which ones aren’t, without having to worry about lost expenses on machines and treatment options that don’t bring in clients.

If you are thinking about adding a new aesthetic service, such as IPL or body contouring, or just need to upgrade your LED phototherapy device or laser treatment system, consider renting instead of making a big purchase. As the only manufacturer in Australia to offer aesthetic equipment rental, we are here to answer any of your questions and help you grow your business.

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