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The Aesthetic Bureau are proud to offer product options and pricing to suit every budget. Whether you are purchasing large quantities or you are after just one or two items, you will find what you need with no minimum order requirements.

With extensive experience and understanding of the needs of the industry and the logistics of managing and operating a clinic, The Aesthetic Bureau has built a portfolio of clinic supplies and safety items that provides quality at competitive prices. We believe that confidence, even in the smallest things in your clinic, helps set the tone of your service and your business.

Consumable technology supplies and safety items are always in demand and can be difficult to locate, so the team at The Aesthetic Bureau are highly focused on sourcing and supplying products with an aim to offer customers the greatest value products available in a single destination.

The Aesthetic Bureau offer product options and pricing to suit every budget. Whether you are purchasing large quantities or you are after just one or two items, you will find what you need. Featuring an ever-growing inventory, please be sure to review the full range of products on at

Industry Experience

With unmatched knowledge & experience in the aesthetic industry covering clinical & practical technology applications as well as marketing & clinic management, The Aesthetic Bureau can offer you the support you only dreamed about. Make the move into new technology safely & with confidence with the support of The Aesthetic Bureau.

Dedicated Supported

Our dedicated staff provides professional support, which helps to grow your clinic and create the edge you need to be profitable in this competitive industry. Delivering a profit generating income stream for your business with results that will keep clients coming back

We know how important it is to protect eyes from light produced by lasers, IPL and LED'd. However, it can be difficult to know which are the best glasses to use for your particular equipment.

When selecting laser/IPL safety glasses it is often a balance between sufficient eye protection, while still allowing some visibility for observing and effectively carrying out the treatment.


Laser absorbing glass starts in large uncut and unpolished sheets. The filter is then put into a special frame due to the flatness of the filter (not curved like lens for normal glasses).

In most cases where there is a direct hit by a high energy laser, mineral glass filters may break very fast due to thermal damage.

  • High Optical density (OD)
  • Durable and long Usage
  • Clear Visibility

Polycarbonate Filters

Absorbing polycarbonate laser safety filters.

Polycarbonate is a common solution far laser safety eyewear. This lightweight material offers a more comfortable fit for extended wearing time. After the lens blanks are moulded, a special UV-cured coating is applied to both the front and back surfaces, adding a scratch resistant layer.

  • Lightweight/Comfortable
  • Extremely durable
  • Various frame options


Include but not limited to:

  • Gel Clear for Laser & IPL use
  • Gel membranes for Cryo Lipo
  • Safety Glasses for Laser, IPL & LED
  • Disposables for Laser
  • Laser & IPL safety signs
  • Headbands
  • Face Mask N95
  • Tongue Depressors
  • Reusable hot and cold packs
  • Alcohol Swabs
  • Double edge Razor
  • Examination Gloves Nitrile
  • Disposable Caps
  • Disposable G String
  • Dressing Pack
  • Facial Wipes
  • Gauze
  • Disposable Bed Rolls

"We started with Australian Aesthetic Devices because we wanted to design and distribute our own technology to clinics. When we went down this route, we discovered that we were constantly being asked “Can we help fixing their other machines?”, "Can we refurbish other system handpieces?" as well as "Do you sell consumables?". As these clinics were not being supported, we felt moved to assist with a solution, so we have set up to provide support for clinics from other pathways. That's how The Aesthetic Bureau started." - Tony Li, Director