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Exclusive 3-in-1 Device Rental Offer

Unlock the full potential of your aesthetic clinic with an unparalleled rental bundle offer from Aesthetic Bureau. Starting from just $638 + GST weekly, gain access to a holistic treatment suite designed to cater to a wide range of patient needs while driving fast ROI.

After the initial 6-month rental period, enjoy a reduced weekly rate if you decide to continue renting. Should you find the device not suitable for your business, you may return the equipment without further obligation.

3-Device Rental Package
Limited Offer

Normally $702

$638 . 00

+ GST weekly

Perfect For Startups
  • DPL Protégé IPL
  • Xen LED
  • MoreMe Skin Analyser

Transform Your Clinic with Our Exclusive Trio Device Rental Package

Elevate your clinic's capabilities and patient satisfaction with our comprehensive Aesthetic Device Rental Package, featuring the DPL Protégé IPL, Xen LED, and MoreMe Skin Analyser.


Starting at just $638 weekly, this bundle offers a wide range of treatments from photorejuvenation and hair removal to in-depth skin analysis.


Designed for fast ROI, it enhances your treatment offerings and attracts a broader clientele.


Embrace advanced technology to keep your clinic at the forefront of the aesthetic industry. Learn more about this cost-effective solution for top-tier aesthetic treatments.

What's Included:

ipl skin rejuvenation

DPL Protégé IPL:
The Ultimate in Versatility and Precision

A versatile IPL solution offering treatments like photo rejuvenation, hair removal, and vascular and pigment reduction thanks to its advanced technology and customisable treatment settings.

Professional LED Light Therapy Machine

Xen LED Therapy

Elevate skin care with market leading Xen LED therapy delivering unmatched power output, enhanced thermal efficiencies, and unrivalled client results. Lead the way in phototherapy with next generation chip-on-board technology.

MoreMe skin analyser consultation

MoreMe Skin Analyser: Diagnose with Precision

The latest in skin analysis technology, providing in-depth insights into your patients' skin, allowing for personalised treatment plans, enhanced communication, and improved outcomes.

DPL Protégé IPL

Versatility and Precision

  • Advanced Precision for Broad Spectrum Treatment: The DPL Protégé offers unmatched versatility and unparalleled results across a wide range of skin types and hair colours with its cutting-edge IPL technology.
  • Designed for Speed and Efficiency: Engineered for the Australian market, this robust device ensures quick treatments with high efficacy and safety, meeting the demands of clients seeking fast results with minimal downtime.
  • Investment in Excellence: Competitively priced for rapid ROI. Its user-friendly design also makes it an ideal option for clinics new to energy-based devices, promising operational excellence and superior patient satisfaction.
ipl skin rejuvenation
Professional LED Light Therapy Machine


Unparalleled Light Intensity

  • Optimised Sessions for Maximum Throughput: Engineered for maximum efficiency, the Xen LED accelerates treatment times, boosting clinic capacity and client turnover.
  • Optimal Dosage in Minimal Time: Xen LED delivers precise therapeutic dosages just below the skin's thermal threshold. This optimisation allows for significantly shorter treatment times, enhancing patient throughput without compromising outcomes.
  • TGA Approved with Clinical Backing: TGA approved and underpinned by solid scientific evidence. This marks a new era in clinically validated LED therapy, providing confidence in its efficacy and safety.

MoreMe Skin Analyser

Empower Consultations with AI

  • Validate Your Expertise with Visual Evidence: Dive deep into skin health with 10 distinct observation modes for comprehensive diagnosis from the epidermal to the dermal layer.
  • Superior Consultation Experience: Visualise your clients' skin irregularities in extraordinary detail and increase trust and relationships through visual evidence and interactive consultations.
  • Scientifically-Backed for Superior Insights: Elevate your practice with visually tracked treatment progress and boost client satisfaction, loyalty and business growth.
  • Client-Centric Technology: Increase client engagement with personalised discussions and treatment plans that enhance client involvement and satisfaction.

Why This Bundle?

  • Comprehensive Treatment Range: From skin analysis to treatment and recovery, offer a full spectrum of treatments and ensure a holistic care journey for your clients.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: A single, affordable weekly investment enables access to cutting-edge technology without the hefty upfront costs, making it a financially smart choice for your clinic.
  • Fast ROI: With a wide variety of services at your disposal, this package is designed to maximise revenue and ensure rapid return on investment.
  • Advanced Technology at Your Fingertips: Each device in the bundle represents the pinnacle of aesthetic technology, ensuring your clinic remains at the industry's forefront.
  • Satisfaction and Retention: Deliver exceptional, personalised care that meets your clients' diverse needs, enhancing satisfaction and encouraging repeat business.

Why Choose Our Rental Solutions

Comprehensive Support and Operational Excellence

We provide free replacement handpieces to ensure your clinic operates smoothly with minimal downtime.

Preserve Cash Flow

Keep your liquidity intact for other critical investments and unexpected expenses.

Tax-Smart and Tax Efficient

Optimise your tax position by taking full advantage of leasing benefits.

Zero Maintenance Hassles

We've got all servicing and repairs covered, so you can avoid the downtime and costs associated with equipment repair and maintenance.

Strategic Growth Without Long-Term Commitments

Expand your services and grow strategically with minimal risk and no long-term equipment commitments.

Access the Latest Technology

Swap your outdated devices for our latest devices. Our rental plans keep you at the forefront of aesthetic innovation.

Flexible End-of-Term Options

Choose to extend, upgrade, or return the equipment to suit your evolving business needs.

Receive Partial Rebate when Converting to Outright Purchase

Convert your rental to a purchase with a rebate, making it a cost-effective transition.

Adapt and Upgrade Easily

Stay competitive by swiftly responding to technological advancements and market demands.

Reduced Weekly Repayments After 6 Months

Benefit from lower operational costs over time, enhancing your budgeting flexibility.

100% Tax Deductible Operating Cost

Leverage rental payments as a full tax deduction, optimising financial performance.

Full Access to Clinical and Marketing Support

Utilise beneficial resources to maximise the usage and ROI of your rented equipment.

Minimise Upfront Costs

Reduce initial investment and allocate your capital where it matters most.

Financial Flexibility and Growth

Secure the ability to scale your operations without heavy financial burdens.

dpl protege ipl shr hair removal

Free Replacement Handpieces

Our Comprehensive Support Ensures You Minimise Any Potential Downtime

Responsibility for maintenance and repairs is on us, so you don't have to worry about the stress of repairs and overheads. Plus, our provision of free replacement handpieces during your rental term will ensure you keep your services running smoothly.

Trio Rental Bundle
Limited Offer

Normally $702

$638 . 00

+ GST weekly

Perfect For Startups
  • DPL Protégé IPL
  • Xen LED
  • MoreMe Skin Analyser

Device Rentals: Minimise Risk, Maximise Flexibility

Our rental program is designed to remove the guesswork and mitigate the risks associated with investing in high-cost aesthetic devices.

It offers you a safety net for investing in capital equipment, so that if the device doesn't meet your expectations or align with your business model, you're not left with a costly investment that doesn't add value to your clinic.

Our goal at Aesthetic Bureau is to support your business's strategic growth, providing the tools you need to succeed, within a partnership model that understands and adapts to the challenges and uncertainties of the aesthetic industry.

MoreMe skin analysis machine

Enhance Your Skin Consultations

Leverage MoreMe to build loyalty, trust and satisfaction.

MoreMe's advanced light technology and 10 observation modes allows for detailed skin analysis, from surface to deep layers, and assists clinicians with visually documenting and demonstrating treatment efficacy. Your clients will be able to see the real value of their skincare regimen and keep coming back!


Pausing Payments During the Covid-19 Lockdown

When Australia went into lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, we hit the pause button on rental payments. It was our way of saying to our clients, "We've got your back." Understanding how tough things were, we automatically deferred payments to ease the cash flow crunch. Because, let’s face it, navigating a pandemic is hard enough without financial worries. We believe in being there for our partners, especially when the going gets tough.

Our proactive approach to payment deferrals underscores the value of financial flexibility our rental plans offer, that is unprecedented and unique in our industry. It affirms our dedication to supporting our clients through unforeseen circumstances that can disrupt the functioning of a business.

What Clients Say

I first met Trevor Neale early in my Plastic Surgical practice some 26 years ago when I purchased my first laser from him. Since then it has been my pleasure to know him both professionally and personally. He is an outstanding individual, honest and caring. He is knowledgeable in his understanding of Aesthetic Devices and listens in order to provide the very best solution for his clients' requirements. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Dr Malcolm LinsellDr Malcolm LinsellPlastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

I’ve known Trevor Neale, the Head of Aesthetic Bureau, since last millenium. Very knowledgeable engineer who really knows his stuff, so I’m very happy to work with Aesthetic Bureau because they have a great range of devices which have been very well-researched. As an Australian brand, they consistently offer robust support, whether it’s for technical issues or marketing initiatives, and I know they are always researching new and innovative devices to position their clients for future success.

Dr Mary DingleyDr Mary DingleyCosmetic Physician

As a Cosmetic Surgeon and laser specialist since 1994 I am all too aware of the positives and negatives in this domain. I initially met Trevor Neal when he came to repair my lasers .Always courteous, very competent, honest and a pleasure to deal with. Initially I was very sorry to see Trevor give up his work as a technician. Thankfully the laser and IPL industry did not lose Trevor and he has been a beacon of knowledge and integrity to an otherwise variable industry. I trust Trevor and fully recommend him.

Dr Ashley GranotDr Ashley GranotCosmetic Surgeon

I am a cosmetic physician and I have been practising in this field since the 20th century.Over this time I have bought (and disposed of) a number of machines. I have dealt with numerous companies. I have heard innumerable sales pitches and attended many meetings and conferences.There is only a handful of laser representatives and professionals whom I trust, whom I have learnt I can trust, and one of those is Trevor Neale. Trevor has been in the industry a long time, and he knows that this, like any field, revolves around building long term relationships built on trust. He knows that friendships may wax and wane, but enemies accumulate, and Trevor seems to have worked hard to build trust and make no enemies which, in this industry, is saying something.Trevor knows his stuff, and is conversant with laser treatments at any level. He’s helpful, even regarding devices that aren’t his. I see him as a honest broker, I value his opinion, and I would recommend him as a point of contact for those doctors wishing to enter this field or purchase cosmetic lasers and related devices.

Dr John MahoneyDr John MahoneyCosmetic Physician

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