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Introducing IPL

IPL or Intense Pulse Light is a must have technology for aesthetic and cosmetic clinics. This intense broad band light has a wavelength of 520nm – 1200nm and provides access to a wide range of prevalent and in demand aesthetic solutions. IPL differs from Laser as it offers a wide range of light wavelengths and treatment options.

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Pigmentation treatment
  • Vascular treatment
  • Photo Facial
  • Hair Removal
  • SHR Hair Removal

What steps can clinic owners and managers take to choose the right device for their practice?

By choosing the most appropriate technology platform for your clinic, you can dramatically affect the overall success of your business: client satisfaction and profitability. We have designed and strategised to equip clinic owners with information to guide their successful investment to achieve increased customer satisfaction, empower you through education to successfully introduce a new treatment application into your clinic or increase performance through an upgrade.

What other treatments are your clients currently engaging in outside your clinic?

Expanding treatment options to cover in-demand concerns provides the opportunity to retain existing clients, increase the quality of results you provide and grow your market reach and turnover.

Many clinics try to attract new customers without having a wide selection of solutions to offer. The introduction of a new technology into your practice or simply upgrading is a great talking point when it comes to opening a dialogue with consumers and the target market, to not only introduce a new service that suites their needs, but existing services that can be re-introduced into both that existing and new consumer base.

The correct IPL device can provide your clinic with an edge on competitors, and optimise your turnover with a range of in-demand cosmetic solutions. With the Dual Light, you will be able to cross-sell treatments to your customers under the umbrella of one device, expanding your market reach. This too can increase turnover by offering ‘add-on’ treatments.

When purchasing an IPL device, it is important to ask what makes it stand out in the range of other technology on the market. If you don’t understand what the benefits and features are there is little you can do to market the device to drive sales.

The Dual Light has been designed with added features with an aim to make it much safer, easier to use and more reliable than older or cheaper systems. Additionally, technology has been included in the system to assist in reducing treatment times and improving client comfort and results.

Treatments of DUAL LIGHT include:
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Vascular Treatment
  • Pigment Correction
  • Hair removal
  • SHR Hair removal

Dual Light
Features of DUAL LIGHT include:
  • Dual Filters - to ensure you have more of the appropriate wavelengths (colours) to optimise treatment results with increased safety for skin rejuvenation treatments. For safety and confidence in use.
  • Dual mode - HR (Hair Removal) & SHR (Swift Hair Removal) for increase treatment speed and client safety, and treatment of darker skin types. For safety and confidence in use.
  • Dual Lamps - with Even Energy Distribution (EED) in the 15AMP system which provides a consistent highly desired top hat output over the full surface of the treatment area. The reduction of stress on the lamps extend the Flash-lamp life dramatically.
  • Dual Connectors - quick and easy access to both treatment handpiece sizes, for overall faster treatment time.
  • Dual system cooling - ensures the dual pulse light system keeps up with the demand of a busy clinic. Little or no device downtime between patients increases profitability.
  • Fast treatments – ensures maximum number of treatments per hour and highest profitability.
  • Easy Setup and ease of use delivers optimal results, increased operator confidence and greater patient satisfaction.
  • Full operator clinical and user Training
  • Marketing Support
  • Full local Warranty and service support

Light Source
Pulsed Xenon Lamp
Single Pulse & Multi Pulse
SR 520-670, 870-1200 Notch Filter
540 & 580 – 800nm Dual Filter
HR 640 & 690 – 1200nm SHR Large 640 & 690nm
HR Ex-Large 640nm
Spot Size
Small 40 x 12mm = 4.8cm2 Large 46 x 16 = 7.36cm2
Ex-Large 20 x 60mm = Up to 12cm2
Output Energy
Up to 50J/cm2 to tissue
Pulse Repetition
Up to 10 Pulses per second
Tip Cooling
Sapphire Peltier contact cooling
System Cooling
Compressor closed circuit water chiller with integrated heat exchanger
360W x 400D x 1200H
Power Requirement
240V 50Hz 15AMP single phase
Optical Risk Group 3 to AS/NZS IEC 62471.2:2012
Dual Light
Dual Light

Dual Light brochure!

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