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Adding aesthetic technology procedures to your clinic can be a great way to generate cash flow and increase your profile within your market. The Aesthetic Bureau understands that purchasing capital equipment isn’t within every business owner's scope. We are thrilled to offer Aesthetic Device Rentals as an option, helping you access part or all of your Aesthetic technology needs.

Advantages of device rentals at a glance:

  • Safe way to obtain technology – eliminate risk of major financial issues if your supplier stops trading
  • Residual value risk is outsourced to the lessor
  • More flexibility – return the asset upon lease expiry, or extend lease if required
  • Meet your short-term equipment needs

Rental Options available from The Aesthetic Bureau:

Long Term (6 & 12 month)

Long term rental is an easy way to verify if a technology should become a permanent fixture in your clinic, maintain cash flow by minimizing capital expenditure, and eliminate any unexpected costs.

Long term rental includes:

  • All maintenance and repairs
  • Replacement handpieces (where applicable)
  • Installation in capital cities (additional fees may apply for outside metropolitan areas)
  • Operator training for 12-month rental agreements
  • Clinical documentation & marketing material (The Aesthetic Bureau systems only)
  • 50% of rental payments applied toward purchase (The Aesthetic Bureau systems only)

Trial Rental (2 & 3 Month)

This option is offered as an opportunity to trial The Aesthetic Bureau's new devices. Only available on Xen LED, Dual Light IPL and CryoSlim* Cryo Lipolysis systems.

Trial rental includes:

  • All maintenance and repairs
  • Installation Capital Cities (additional fees may apply for outside metropolitan areas)
  • Introductory operator training
  • 100% of rental payments applied towards purchase.

*CryoSlim trial rental only available on 3 month plan to clients who have completed full operator training program.

Further benefits of equipment leasing:

  • No upfront capital investment – rental is 100% tax deductible operating cost.
  • Future Proofing – if obsolete simply hand it back at the end of the rental period.
  • No Maintenance Costs – we service, maintain and repair our rented systems.
  • Substantial opportunity to test your local market to validate that technology is appropriate.
  • Substantial opportunity to test the technology to ensure it is reliable and provides desired results.

For further information, please contact us on 1300 858 711.